green_ferret (green_ferret) wrote in x_lovex,

x. name: Kate
x. age: 18
x. sex: female
x. how you found this community: someone promoting in another community

x. top 10 bands: led zeppelin, alkaline trio, brand new, nirvana, marcy playground, the white stripes, cake, nine inch nails, marilyn manson, le tigre
x. 3-5 pictures of your or someone else hair:
so you can see my bangs are balck and the rest is blond
so this is a weird picture but you can see the blond here
here's a more normal picture for you

sorry I don't have better:/

x. what you want your hair to look like:

I want this type of hair and this length
and i really like this color, although I think I looke better with blond

x. promote us in three communities and give us the link.
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